Do What Works, and Work What Doesn’t!

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A lot of companies fail because they lose focus on what they are good at.  As the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“.  If your company is great at producing high-end tennis shoes, why bother trying to make headbands?

In the advertising world, many creatives want to come into a company and change their promotional campaigns so that the client feels like the creatives are actually doing something.  I think the only reason to change your ad campaign is when you KNOW it’s not working.  Sun Tzu once said to ‘support the winning army’, that is if you have to chose between sending reinforcements to the troops that are winning and the troops that are losing, it is best to send your resources where you already have the advantage.

This same strategy can be applied to business and advertising.  Your advertising dollars are your troops, and your ads are the front-lines.  Send your troops to the front-lines where you are getting the most positive feedback, then you will have victory.

Likewise, if something’s not working be sure to understand why it’s broken!  If you can fix it, then please do.  Otherwise, don’t wast any more time on what’s cost you thus far.

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