Building a Fire–Business Survival 101

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I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, and I have about 6 years of experience around fire as a Firefighter.  I have learned that doing a project, starting a business, or coming up with something creative is a lot like building a fire.  To build a fire you need 3 things; Heat, Fuel, Oxygen.

Heat = passion

You have to be passionate–or at least motivated–to do whatever it is you’re planning to do.  Without that spark of excitement and energy, it will be very difficult to turn that log of a project into something bright that people will notice.

Fuel = stuff to do

All of the passion and energy in the world means nothing if you have nowhere to put it.  Even the hottest sparks will burn out if there’s nothing around it that will “catch”.  It’s also a game of how much you put on the fire and when.  Add too much, and the spark won’t be enough.  Add too little wood, and the fire will quickly die out.  As the fire grows, be prepared to throw on bigger sticks on it.  This means you need to have done enough planning beforehand so that you’re not scrambling for things to do once you’ve got momentum going!

Oxygen = time to relax

The final thing needed for success is time to step back and take a breather.  If all you do is add heat and fuel, you’ll make a really hot fire but waste a lot of energy and wood in the process.  Figure out how high  you want your fire, and once it gets there, take a step back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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